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As “Captain” of SMSPirate Productions, Sharon Slayton is a professional speaker, writer and entrepreneurial strategist. Her past works have garnered best practice awards in change management, community program development and technology initiative methodology planning around the U.S.  Additionally, she is CFO & Community Development Officer at CandleLight: Philosophy, Art, & Technology, Program/Development Director at LOV – the League of Volunteers, and President of ArtThink – a new think tank devoted to Painting Our Future through art and narrative research about what our future can, must, and must not be.

Sharon describes her framework for this potentially ground-breaking Participatory Action Research:

… “I’m inspired by these incredible times and by our exciting potential future. Although we don’t know what our future holds, it demands that our old systems, designs, and organizations change. In biological and cognitive psychology we’re discovering how attention and focus on difference, rather than similarity, can work to our benefit. To capture our future, however, we must honor and translate the past while acknowledging and reshaping the resources and capabilities we have. It’s more important than ever that our seniors, our children, and inclusive voices from everywhere in society be heard. Despite the complexities, I believe they can and must all play an active role in claiming and shaping our future roles and responsibilities on this planet. I’m excited to explore the transformative capabilities of art and interaction to define and help claim our future.”

Sharon has been a San Francisco Bay Area resident for over 30 years. She holds an MBA in technology management from University of Phoenix (2001), and a BA in Psychology from UC Berkeley (1995).  She is currently completing her Ph.D. studies at California Institute of Integral Studies, and expects to launch her doctoral research ArtThink, in mid 2020.

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