Praying for Gun Control

Today, 13 people died in another senseless mass shooting.  This time, the gunman was reportedly aiming at Christians.  Christians, of course, want everyone to pray for the victims, and pray for the families, and pray for change, and mercy and god to do something, and on and on and on.  Even President Obama today stated that prayer isn’t solving any problems.  And yet, some people still think that prayer is some sort of answer.  My recent Facebook (ahem), conversation is what’s up on today’s radar.

Prayer Advocate:  Instead of comments like the above, you should say prayers for the students and families who lost loved ones!!!!!

Sharon Slayton bullshit. Your presumably Christian prayers and your eternal “God will do something” advice is the reason this happens. You expect a fairy tale to intervene in reality when you offer nothing but empty shallow clearly useless words? Bullshit! Pray for your food and see how far you get. Fools happen when civic laziness greed and hate take over and fools have led these people to their death over and over. But you go pray so you don’t have to do anything that might actually matter. Feel better? I’ll just bet you do, must be dinnertime. Shove your prayers up your ass.

Prayer Advocate:  Excuse ME!!!!! Glad I am not your friend on FB> Prayer helps many people get through so much: illness, grief and so much more.

Sharon Slayton Christianity is the reason that our gun laws and in fact that guns even exist. The nonsense of dominionism and the death cult that aggrandizes painful death for some seat in the throne room that excludes anyone without the secret password. So what exactly would your “prayers” include? What would be the content of such a prayer? I’m curious. Would you say, “help me get through this?” Amazingly, they will all continue to live without their loved ones with or without that little magic spell. Will their friends come to their aid and their comfort without that “prayer.” Why yes -in fact – yes they would, although some will no doubt light a candle or some other ridiculous ritual to “show they care.” Why not go to that person and deliver your aid in person? Too expensive? Not enough time? Those prayers suffice? Who do they comfort – not the person in need – they comfort the person saying them as they excuse their sins of omission.

Prayer Advocate:  Not going to play your game. What you believe in is your business and what I believe in is mine. Enough said!

Sharon Slayton You were sure fast to instruct what the rest of us “should be doing” instead of making reality based comments. Bullshit is your art – go practice it somewhere else.

Sharon Slayton  – these people don’t even know what they profess to believe – they believe it’s only attainable through death and the mystery fun house called heaven. They profess that god’s abundance has flown to them in all things, so long as they don’t sin. In my book, you were born with every single tool the rest of us has. Some of them work better and get reinforced more, but if you want to bad enough, and you have enough love and support around you, and the positive energy is physically all being pointed at the problem, we can all accomplish great things. Great things for one another is the caveat – and one that is conveniently forgotten when it comes to something as simple as wanting to own a gun. A gun so nothing will happen to YOU. Not anyone else – to you. There’s nothing about god in that viewpoint, and I won’t tolerate listening to or reading the associated nonsense that goes with those insipid reprimands about MY behavior here, or ANYWHERE.

Not so long as you are praying while laws remain the same and people are still dying from guns.