Shopping for God

If we shopped for a god like we shopped for a car, would our purchasing criteria change?  Would we believe the sales person?

What would be on your feature list?  What color would you choose?  Would you need an extended warranty?

And what would happen once you drove it off the lot?  Would you expect it to hold it’s value?  Would it get good gas mileage and require little maintenance?  Would you buy the tow package?  How about the extended maintenance and warranty?

Maybe it would be a solar car?  All you would have to do is keep the battery charged.  Do you know where you would plug it in?

Would you trade it in if it continually broke down, or would you keep sinking money into it even though you can’t drive it up hills anymore?

Maybe you would never even make it out of the showroom.  Probably not.

Shopping for God