Love the Pope - Hate the Hypocrisy

Popstar Pappa

I love Pope Francis.  His visit this week, depending on your viewpoint, is either the high or the low of the political year.   If I was closer to the East Coast, I would have gladly stood in line to watch this week’s super pop star spectacle.  He seems filled with genuine kindness and concern.  He understands the people that I also serve.  Our goals are the same, no matter our that our beliefs are far apart.  I respectfully, however, don’t need the words or the blessings of someone who rules a kingdom that has brought nothing but ill on my house and my home.  Those homeless people he’s having dinner with tonight would not be admitted into a tour of St. Peters.

I’m a woman. So far his words have changed nothing for me. They’re kindly meant and kindly heard, but in reality, nothing has changed. Men, no matter how wonderful (I agree he is), are still dictating choices to women through him and the structure that he rules, and the households dominated by his church’s teachings.

Sexually abused children and adults are still not able to feel justice because his church harbors the pedofiles and abusers. His church’s ridiculous policies on science and health and sexuality and reproduction and marriage have damaged more lives than were ever saved by their practices. He’s the biggest pro-life advocate in the world, shepard over some of the worst violent protestors on choice and people who every day scream and rage at virtually everything I believe and stand for.  I recognize that change comes slowly to Mother Church, but they seem to move fast enough when filing a lawsuit to protect their predators from prosecution.

Priestess is not a word or a position he will acknowledge. His domain is rife with bankers and golden treasure, guarded and kept from the rest of mankind.  Of course, the homeless, the poor, the impoverished, the abused,  the starving and the sick are still everywhere.  He’s not taking care of them first.

Don’t get me wrong.  I love the man and hate the sins. I appreciate you have to start somewhere, but it requires more than words. How about emptying the treasury and turning the priests to earn their keep in the community by doing good works? How about instead of scolding Congress you issue some letters of condemnation and excommunication for the sinners in our government who claim your faith but live none of it?

I’m not awed by Pappa Francis’ or anyone else’s presence – I’m especially not awed by someone who claims to be the spokesperson for a death cult of criminals, abusers, and greedy murderous terrorists. He comes in the name of peace and love? The buzzwords are pardonable so long as he gets more converts and his coffers and churches and monesteries fill up again. Sorry. I think he has great ideals.  He’s an admirable man.  I also think he’s a convenient hypocrite and this moment of hero worship is a little at odds with his actual performance.   It’s a downright joke given the church’s pre-Francis history.  Nice cassock though. Let me know when women are a part of the conclave.