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I appreciate this, but here’s the deal, folks… Mr. Carter, our beloved, Mr. Carter, is ready to face his future, and deserves the dignity of his choices, not the horrors of “fighting” for a “life” that is already beautiful and exemplary and gentle and full of love. Of course we want him to stay with us! We need him! Tonight I’m hoping he’ll stick around long enough to see a great election result that rights the real horrors he knows well enough already – the horrors of injustice, hypocrisy, corruption, poverty and disease, left unaddressed and unsolved, while we slaughter each other in the name of “god.” I hope he’ll spend his remaining days in dignity, fighting for the things he knows will be important long after his body isn’t around.

(Feature photo courtesy of Facebook – Pissed Off Women Over 50 And Pissed Off Friends Of Women Over 50 shared Elayne Boosler‘s photo.)

I was waiting for the train this morning when I read the transcript of his address… I had tears streaming down my face. He’s such a wonder – the total representation of a loving man who lived with god in his heart. He lived his love every day. A beautiful man on all counts. He is needed. He’ll be missed. I hope he gets to see the “right” person elected next year. I hope he dies with hope and excitement for our future in his head and his heart. WE owe it to him.

Miami Herald Jimmy Carter Cartoon
A particularly poignant cartoon from the Miami Herald.